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Additional Race Photos

1962 and Earlier

maurice Trintignant
Maurice Trintignant winner of the 1954 Argentinian Grand Prix. Trintignant raced with Shelby in Europe in the late '50s and would later drive Daytona coupes for Shelby. See the book chapters on 1964 Tour de France and 1965 Nurburgring.

franco patria 54
Franco Patria in a miniature formula car that his father constructed for him circa 1954. Ten years later Patria would be racing Abarths against (and beating) Shelby's Cobra roadsters in European Hillclimbs. See the book chapters 24 and 26. Patria died in a freak racing accident at the end of 1964. Eugenio Dragoni, Ferrari's racing manager, had picked Patria to drive F1 for Ferrari in 1965, but this would never happen.

56 lancia ferrari
Luigi Musso in a Lancia Ferrari at the 1956 Nurburgring. Musso was engaged in an intense rivalry with other Ferrari team drivers, Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins, and Musso's death played an important part in Carroll Shelby's racing decision. See the book, pages 9-10.

ken miles
Ken Miles in a Porsche spyder at Laguna Seca 1957. Miles was one of the key players who made Shelby American happen and his story is told throughout the book.

Peter Collins
This is a page cut out of a 1956 Ferrari Yearbook and signed by Peter Collins. Collins was on the same team with Musso when Musso died at Reims in 1958. Collins would die less than a month later at the Nurburgring in a similar accident. Shelby named the drivers whom he felt had gotten "the needle" and Collins was probably one of those names, but I was so surprised when Shelby told me this, that the only name I remembered was Musso's. See the book, pages 9 and 10. Luigi Musso's girlfriend of the time, Fiamma Breschi, agreed with Shelby. Collin's and Musso's other teammate, Mike Hawthorne, was so shaken by these events that he retired at the end of 1958.

bernard cahier harry schell
Portuguese Grand Prix 1959. Bernard Cahier hands bottled water to Harry Schell as Jo Bonnier stands by. Bernard Cahier did everything he could to facilitate the 1964 Cobra European campaign and his photos are found throughout the book. Bernard also wrote the book's Foreword.

young carrol shelby
Carroll Shelby, 1958 or 1959, during his European race period. A beautiful 1958 photo of Shelby can be found in the book, page 8. Shelby's first-hand knowledge of the European racing scene was essential for him to accomplish what he did.

John Surtees
John Surtees circa 1959. Surtees was a four-time world motorcycle champion and switched to cars in 1960, first driving a Ferrari GTO in 1962, see below, and last driving sports cars for Ferrari in 1966.

62 ferrari gto
John Surtees in the works Ferrari GTO winning the 1962 Tourist Trophy at Goodwood, England. Surtees would remain a front-line Ferrari F1 driver during the Cobra years, but would finally get injured and fall from grace. Surtees would drive a GTO only once against the Cobras, at Goodwood in 1964. See the book, chapter 25. Surtees was both a motorcycle and F1 world champion.


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