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Additional Race Photos


Racing cobra Bob Whitehouse

Bob Whitehouse of Sacramento, CA emailed the following 12 photos of the 1964 Daytona Continental. Here he is to the left of the John Eyerly Cobra. Bob worked for British Motor Corp. as a field rep. in Florida. At Daytona Bob raced an Alfa Spider using the pseudonym "Charles Mathis" to prevent his wife from knowing. You can find "Mathis" in the results on pages 96/97. Bob also crewed on the BMC factory Sprite at Sebring in March later that year.

Phil Hill Phil Hill, center, together with Pedro Rodriguez, drove the new GTO '64 for American Ferrari distributor Luigi Chinetti. Hill raced a Cobra for Shelby the previous year at Sebring, but otherwise was open to whatever good ride he was offered, such as an Aston Martin 215 at the previous year's Le Mans. Hill would drive for Shelby four times later in '64, as well as the Ford GT-40 for John Wyer.

Bob Whitehouse
Bob Whitehouse watched a Chinetti mechanic try to place a wheel on backwards and finally told him to flip it around.

cobra and GTO
The Cobra coupe leads the new GTO in the infield.

daytona coupe
Road racing wasn't exactly a big spectator sport in America. Check out the grandstands.

Dan Gurney
Dan Gurney pits his Cobra roadster with the lay down windshield. Shelby has his best hat ever, the same rag he would wear at Sebring.

Aston 214

The Aston 214 of Brian Hetreed and Chris Kerrison leads the a GTO.

Ferrari GTO
The David Piper/Lucien Bianchi GTO on the infield.

Ferrari GTO
The Bianchi/Piper GTO (left) is following the GTO No. 32 of Perkins/Eve.

classic daytona coupe racing
I acquired this photo on ebay, a Tony Triolo slide. This shows the car on the infield when it was running strong. Pete Brock told me, "We were so far ahead of those Ferraris."

A GTO/LMB driven by Grossman and Hansgen. This car was an experiment in aerodynamics. See pages 52 and 89 in the book.

daytona coupe
The new aerodynamic coupe which had pulled a 38 minute lead on the Ferrari GTOs. Bob Whitehouse, the photographer, could see smoke in the cockpit when he took this photo. This was the last lap before the coupe pitted and caught fire in the pits.

I no longer have my race records and photos as I gave them to the Boulder, CO museum, but this is probably the Graham Shaw Cobra which was Ken Miles' old '63 USRRC team Cobra. There is a great photo of this car on page 72 of the book.

Phil Hill  - oil cooler
Phil Hill in a team Cobra, Sebring 1964. Sebring was the first race where the Cobras used the chin oil cooler scoops, tacked on during practice to direct air to the oil radiators which had been moved from behind to below the water radiators. AC Cars photo c/o Geoff Howard.

Bernard Cahier
Bernard Cahier took many of the great photos in the book and was a good friend to me and, before, pals with Shelby and Phil Hill and others at Shelby American. Bernard got his photo on a sports trading card, left. Click on the picture below which is the reverse of the card and tells a little more about Bernard. Bernard knew his wines, whisky and people.

Bernard Cahier
Click on this photo to enlarge and learn more about Bernard Cahier. Bernard died a few years ago. I am still in contact with his colleague at Goodyear Racing Europe, Fred Gamble. Both were very involved in the Cobra adventure.

le mans test day rain 1964
April 17, 1964 Le Mans test day, in the rain, with Jo Schlesser at the wheel. See the book, page 119. I purchased this print from a photo dealer in England. Could be a Geoff Goddard photo but there are no markings on the back. Pete Brock told me he has never had a photo of this test day, which established that the Cobra Daytona coupe, even in the rain, was going to be a contender at Le Mans.

64 targa
Bruce Dowell, the last 1964 European Cobra team member to be located, sent me these photos from the '64 Targa. This is the fantastically-congested pit area before the start. See pages 163 and 178/178 of the book. Bruce spent the summer of '64 hitchhiking from race to race. He was "adopted" by the Cobra team at the Targa Florio and then joined up with them again at Spa, stayed with them from the Nurburgring through Le Mans and then watched them through the fence, as a spectator, at the Tourist Trophy.

64 Targa Porsche Team
Eventual overall winner Colin Davis, Umberto Maglioli, Jo Bonnier and Graham Hill (all in Porsches), before the race, Targa '64.

64 Ferrari GTO The GT Class-winning GTO'64 prior to the race. Graemiger photo.

Phil hill Phil Hill gets ready to take the first stint in the car he shared with Bondurant. Graemiger photo.

AC Cobra Dan Gurney waits for his turn to get into the start line. See page 130 of the book for Dan's finish.

Phil Hill Rady for race Phil Hill awaits the start. The cars were sent off in 60 second intervals, otherwise mayhem would occur on this "goat trail" country road through the Sicilian mountains. John Ohlsen has his hand on the roll bar, Bob Bondurant , Innes Ireland, Joe Siffert and his wife Marianne.

AC Cobra 142 Both Hill and Gurney are in line, in order of their cars' assigned race numbers. Al Dowd is on the right rear fender. John Ohlsen has stepped back.

1964 Targa

Another Bruce Dowell photo, at the Targa, of Innes Ireland (seated, right), Dan Gurney (laying down, lower right) and Bernard Cahier (left). The book has a photo of Gurney and Ireland in these positions, taken by Cahier, on page 129.

Norinder GTO This is probably after the race, Norinder's GTO. About five miles of the 44.7 mile course took place on the road coursing along the sea as in this photo. Thanks to Chuck Graemiger for the photo.

After Race Cobras After the race: The three team Cobras and the private (white) Cobra of Hitchcock being loaded on the ferry for transport to the mainland. Two team cars broke their suspension mounts, and the the third team car and the private Cobra had crash damage.

After Race Cobras The Cobra team unloads in front of the Ford garage in Spa, Belgium. The Fiat-chassis, Bartoletti-bodied transporter was purchased by Shelby from Lance Reventlow who had used it for his Formula One effort with Scarab cars. This photo and the following eight photos are credited to Bob Bondurant who has kindly allowed me to publish them. Bob's marketing manager, John Prumatico, discovered these photos stashed away in a forgotten box.

After Race Cobras If you look carefully, you can see all four Cobra team entries, the first coupe and three roadsters. At the very left of the photo is Phil Remington leaning against the spoiler he has just fashioned for the tail of the coupe and in the right background are crew Jean Stucki, Jack Hoare, Bruce Dowell and Jim Culleton.

Ulf Norinder Bob Bondurant kept a notebook of his European Cobra races. It survived all these years and was discovered recently by John Prumatico who works with Bob at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving at Firebird Raceway, Chandler Arizona. John is a true enthusiast and I am most grateful to him and Bob for allowing me to post this and other images.

Ulf Norinder From the book The Cobra-Ferrari Wars 1963-1965: "I...spent time on the track every day. I would go around in my VW and then I would draw the course out as I saw it in my mind. Then I would go back and reconfirm it. It might have a different radius...." Bob's 1964 notebook drawing of the very fast Spa, Belgium 8.74 mile course through the Ardennes mountains.

Ulf Norinder This is a pretty incredible photo -- first for the portrait of Innes Ireland which captures the seriousness of the endeavor. The top half of his goggles are covered in black tape -- he wanted to see only what was important to see. The young man in the background was Jackie Ickx, then 19 years old. Ickx would go on to win Le Mans six times and finish second twice in the Formula One Championship. Ickx was already a protege of John Wyer who was also helping the Cobras here at Spa. See the book.

ferrari gto 64 Two of the new Ferrari GTOs, the 1964-rebodied version of the 1962-63 GTO. These were the killer-diller cars of the time and would have blown everyone else away had it not been for the Cobra Daytona Coupe. Today one of these GTOs will bring over 10 million dollars and an original version of the VW van in the background, over 20 thousand dollars!

ferrari gto 64 Spa 1964 was David Piper's first race in his cut-down 1962 GTO. Piper lopped off between two and four inches of the windshield/roof and decreased frontal area a bunch. This GTO may actually have been faster than the 1964 GTO -- see page 136 of the book. Peter Sutcliffe bought the car from Piper, painted it dark green, added a bubble on the drivers's side roof (he was a lot taller) and almost beat the Cobra Team at Oulton Park and did beat them at Spa next year, 1965. See the book.

ferrari gto 64 Bob Bondurant watches as Bernard Cahier times one of the team Cobras. Bernard wrote many of the race reports for Sportscar Graphic and did everything he could to boost his old friend Carroll Shelby. Bernard fought with the Free French, worked as a waiter in Southern California, raced a Renault Dolphine in the Mille Miglia and promoted Goodyear racing tires. Bernard was one of the few great racing photographers and and his last project, F-Stops, Pit Stops, Laughter and Tears, is a beautiful testament to this fine human being.

ferrari gto 64 Phil Hill has just come in from his first practice in the Daytona Coupe and is describing the tail lifting at high speeds over the tops of the hills. Bruce Dowell is at left while Bondurant leans over Hill's shoulder. Hill is reporting to John Wyer and, partially obscured, Bernard Cahier. See pages 136 and 140 of the book. As Bondurant would report the next year at Spa: "We were lapping those hills..."

Ulf Norinder Spa Belgium 1964 on the grid. Ulf Norinder and his GTO. The fast cars were ahead of Ulf, see the book, chapter 18.

64 Spa Phil Remington, Bruce Dowell and Phil Hill just before the start. Phil insisted on being dowsed with water before the start. Spa was an extraordinarily high-speed, scary course and Hill knew he would be the front runner going through multiple turns in the hills at over 160 mph.


John Olhsen's race stop watch, used at Spa.

Ulf Norinder The left-hand page is Bob's last page of notes for 1964 Spa, and the right-hand page is his first page of notes for the next race, the Nurburgring 1,000 Kms.

Chris Amon Ferrari GTO Chris Amon and Ulf Norinder before the start of the 1964 Nurburgring 1,000 Kms. Chuck Gramiger, a Swiss engineer, maintained Norinder's GTO during the '64 season. Gramiger: "I met the Shelby crowd at the Targa Florio, became friends with the family and acted as coordinator for them because of the languages I spoke. As the GTO was relatively reliable, I had time to spend with the Shelby equipe, which I enjoyed immensely."

Lightweight E-type Jaguar This is the aerodynamic (Malcolm Sayer designed) lightweight E-Type of Jaguar dealer Peter Linder at the 1964 Nurburgring. Linder was fast and maybe a little pushy. See the book, page 149.

Blue Ferrari GTO Ulf Norinder's GTO before the race at the Nurburgring.

Ferarri GTO 77 Norinder's GTO on the start line, Nurburgring.

AC cobra coupe frame

AC Cars' aerodynamic coupe frame, early 1964. These next several photos are AC Cars c/o Geoff Howard.

ac coupe engine bay
Engine bay detail for the AC coupe.

63 ac le mans
Geoff Howard photo from AC Cars. Jack Sears is to the left of the AC coupe, wearing a suit and tie.

jack sears quote
One of the many articles on the M1 testing.

Jack Sears

Jack Sears was quoted: "I'm not a raving idiot. I would not drive at those speeds if there had been any one else in sight."

ac coupe
AC's coupe at Thames Ditton prior to Le Mans.

being made CSX 2299 CSX 2299, the first car out the door of Grandsport in Modena. This car would be finished in a night and day session at Le Mans and, in the hands of Dan Gurney and Bob Bondurant, set the GT qualifying record, the race lap record and the race distance record.

Alberto Gasparini and Pietro Vaccari Alberto Gasparini and Pietro Vaccari, who ran Grandsport with the Ferrari beater in Modena. Jean Stucki: " Everything was made with a hammer and a piece of wood."

bruce dowell photo- shelby coupes transporter
Another Bruce Dowell photo, this of the two Shelby American coupes on their journey from Modena, Italy to Le Mans, in the transporter driven by Ermano Cuoghi. This looks like a customs/border check point. Check out the Vespa scooter to the right.

AC Coupe weigh-in le mans
The AC coupe at the Le Mans weigh-in.

ac coupe engine bay
More engine bay details.

Datona Coupe 6 This is probably Friday practice. The number 6 Daytona Coupe was assigned to Amon/Neerpasch and painted white around the headlights to identify it to the pit crews. Driver to pit radio communication was another 20 years down the road. If you look carefully at the coupe in the right of the photo, you will see John Ohlsen bent over in the engine compartment and, in the background, his wife Jean in a white Cobra t-shirt sitting on his tool box with her back to the camera. Gramiger photo.

Daytona coupe 5 John Ohlsen working on the number 5 Cobra Daytona Coupe, a car he had helped construct from a bare frame in Modena. A tribute to John who has since passed this earth. Gramiger photo.

Pedro Rodriquez Pedro Rodriguez holding court pre-race. Rodriguez and Skip Hudson were assigned a 330P Ferrari, which was easily capable of winning, if it could hold together -- always the problem at Le Mans.

John Ohlsen John Ohlsen, who seemed to be everywhere --a long way from Onehunga, New Zealand. John played a huge role in the sucess of the Daytona Coupes. Jack Hoare, the European campaign Engineman, is still alive and a great guy. People like John and Jack made the Cobras sucessful. Skip Hudson: "The kind of effort that went into those cars, you could have taken anything and put it on Broadway."

le mans line up
The lineup at the start. In the foreground is the Aston 214 which had done 187 mph in practice. The AC coupe had qualified .4 seconds (a lap) faster.

le mans start 1964

The start. The Shelby Daytona coupe no. 5 is three cars further forward in line, not having yet pulled out. Dan Gurney had qualified the no. 5 car 2.1 seconds faster than the next-fastest GT car, the AC coupe.

ac coupe - dusk
The AC coupe at dusk.

Daytona coupe night
Night. Jack Sears and Peter Bolton stayed with the Shelby coupes as long as their car was running right. If you have Cobra racing photos 1962-65, contact me and I'll post them for you, and credit you, on this website.

wrecked ac car

The wrecked AC car. Fred Gamble's explanation of the crash is the best I have heard. The AC coupe was probably constructed with no differential cooler. Shelby's extensive racing had discovered that, in a race longer than two hours or in high ambient temperatures, a differential cooler was needed. Al Dowd told me they learned this at Augusta, GA, in March '64 just prior to '64 Sebring.

daytona coupe le mans

The one surviving Daytona coupe pulls out from a pit stop on the morning of the second day. Bruce Dowell photo.

daytona coup le mans pit
The surviving coupe pits at Le Mans. Phil Remington is holding the gas filler and Jean Stucki is on his left. After the unnecessary fire at Daytona, Remington was pretty darn careful about who handled the gas lines. Another Bruce Dowell photo, never before published.

daytona coupe pit stop
Dan Gurney and Bob Bondurant in the foreground and John Ohlsen cleaning the windscreen. Probably Fred Gamble in the blue Goodyear jacket aft of Ohlsen. Bruce Dowell photo.

dan gurney
Dan Gurney waits with a smile for Bondurant to finish. Gurney insisted that Bondurant take the last driving stint so that he would have the experience of finishing and winning at Le Mans. Bruce Dowell photo.

ferrari 275p
The overall-winning Ferrari 275P of Carlo Abate and Jean Guichet. Bruce Dowell photo. Skip Hudson once told me, "While everybody else was talking about it, I was doing it." This applies also to Bruce Dowell who, as a 21-year old kid with no particular assets except enthusiasm and a willingness to work, lived the dream of working with Shelby's European Cobra team. Skip's quote also applies to many of the people I met through this book -- Bernard Cahier, Fred Gamble, Jack Hoare, even Dan Gurney and Bob Bondurant. They were all trying to live the dream. God bless those who have dreams and step out of line to realize their dreams. Bruce Dowell photo.


Chris Amon Chuck Graemiger: "Ulf gave me the GTO to run at Reims with whomever I chose as drivers -- money was no problem. Those were times. That racing weekend with Jackie Stewart and Chris Amon was an epic...Pretty incredible but almost normal in those days." Chris Amon, John Wyer and unknown.


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