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Additional Race Photos


historical ac cobra
Ken Miles at the May 2, 1965 Riverside Raceway USRRC race in CSX3002, the first true 427 Cobra, the production prototype and the only works-entered competition 427. Shelby was hoping to run the 427 in the European FIA races that year, see the book, chapters 31 and 39.

historical ac cobra
Jack Sears knocking down the lap record at the Tourist Trophy, Oulton Park . David Wansborough behind in the lightweight E-type prototype CUT-7.

ferrari long nose 275LM


Spa 1965. David Piper started from the very back of the grid (see page 298) and worked his way up to pass both the Cobra coupes of Whitmore (pictured) and Bondurant. Piper had the first "long nose" 275LM. Compare the nose of this car with the nose of Mairesse's winning "short nose" 275LM, page 301.

Giancarlo Baghetti
Giancarlo Baghetti was a successful F1 pilot who drove Ferrari's trick new 275 GTB Speciale in the 1965 Nurburgring 1000Ks. Ferrari had hoped that he could find a way to campaign the GTB Speciale to defeat the Cobras, but limited resources forced him to concentrate on prototypes and F1. The book tells this story more completely.

Martin Roessler of Geelong
Martin Roessler of Geelong, Australia sent me this photo which his father took during practice for the 1965 Nurburgring 1000Ks. See the book, page 307. Bob Bondurant and CSX 2345 were an extraordinary combination with a total of three FIA GT victories (Freiburg '64, Sierra Montana '64 and Rossfeld '65). This was the same car Bondurant had raced at the Nurburgring in '64. John Whitmore drove the same car to victory at the 1965 Oulton Park TT, so one car scored four FIA GT victories. See the book, page 365.

Ronnie Bucknum, center and Allan Grant, probably Le Mans '65. Ronnie Bucknum, center and Allan Grant, Nurburgring 1965.

Daytona 65
These two photos were taken by a Cobra team member and sent to me by his son. This is the Allen Grant coupe being loaded for Daytona '65. Allen (mis)loaded the car himself. There is a great story about this in John Morton's book "Inside Shelby American".

Ferrari 275LM
This is the Rindt/Gregory Ferrari 275LM that won Le Mans in 1965. The photo is a period postcard.

winners, Le Mans 1965
Wire service photo of the winners, Le Mans 1965. Ten of the 11 Fords didn't finish.

ac cobra poster
Bob Thorpe ran his 289 Cobra in A-Production in 1965 and dominated a lot of Florida SCCA events.


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